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Balance Training Products...
The Snake Balance Beam is manufactured to last.  It is made of durable, fade resistant molded poly vinyl and will not tear or crack.  

The Snake Balance Beam is 12 feet long placed end to end, but comes in three 4 foot sections for easy management.  It approximately 4" wide and about 1/4" high throughout.  The three sections allow you to position the snake end to end or in a manner that requires the child to jump or hop to the next section.

Use the Snake to build self confidence, balancing skills, and foot placement.  Children feel safe as they improve their balance on the low lying Snake and have fun "walking" on the back of the Snake.  The Snake can be used on virtually every surface.

The Snake Balance Beam is an excellent tool for working on motor skills and fun activities at the same time.  Combine with our Spot Markers, Number Spots, and Alphabet Spots to set up a great Active Learning exercise!