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Signs and Sign Holders...
Our signs are great for the classroom, gym, play yard, and school.  Children recognize street signs and react to them.  Use the signs to set up a walking, running, or riding course.  Hang them on walls and doors for directions.  Use them for color, shape, and name recognition exercises.  Place the signs at key places in your classroom or school to help control the children. Create your own sign with our dry erase signs.

Each sign measures 8 1/2" x 11" and has been professionally printed on high impact polystyrene (styrene).

The signs work perfect with our Cone Sign Holders for added visibility.

Our Cone Sign Holder is designed to hold signs on all standard Traffic Cones and Safety Cones.  The injected molded hard PVC Cone Sign Holder fits snuggly on the top of the cone.  A sign can then be placed in the slot on the top of the sign holder.  The "Slot" for holding signs is tapered so that signs of various thickness will fit snuggly.

Create and place one your signs in the sign holder or use one of our Street Signs.  Children know and react to common street signs and arrows.  Use for traffic direction and control in school hallways, classrooms or even parking lots. Use in Active Learning activities to set-up activity areas, movement courses, or obstacle courses.  The Cone Sign Holder will also stand on its own and hold up a sign without the use of a cone.

The Cone Sign holders can also be used for Traffic and Parking Control in parking lots and in People Control at events.
Sign Holders